"Genocide, ethnocide and ecocide."

Brazil's native tribes are calling for protection of the Amazon and its indigenous people from Bolsonaro's plans to open up the rainforest for commercial activity.

@news_en @xrgermany what can non-Brazilians do to take action against Bolsonaro? Are there any companies/brands we should #boycott?

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo You can petition your government to impose trade sanctions on Brazil until Bolsonaro protects the Amazon rainforest and the people who live in it, and join initiatives that block trade deals with Brazil, such as Mercosur, as long as he is president.
Bolsonaro does not care about other people's opinions, but he does care a lot about the economy, so that it's where we have to hit him.
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And in gernal, i think it makes sense to educate the population how companies try to fight against or circumvent protections of humans, ecology, etc. for their profit.

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