"Genocide, ethnocide and ecocide."

Brazil's native tribes are calling for protection of the Amazon and its indigenous people from Bolsonaro's plans to open up the rainforest for commercial activity.

@news_en @xrgermany what can non-Brazilians do to take action against Bolsonaro? Are there any companies/brands we should #boycott?

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @news_en

you could boycott for instance the bank 'Deutsche Bank'. They said on twitter (in german) that Bolsonaro is the ideal kandidate.

You could also buy fairtrade coffee & nuts, because they usually have special contracts with local farmers, making their life a little more pleasant.

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @news_en

in general, you should probably fight for your democracy and for instance investigative journalism - for instance, Glenn Greenwald.

Both are very important in fighting against bolsonaro, as they can reveal economic cooperations with other countries.

The population of democracies usually like human rights. Therefore, i think, you can make human rights as a condition for further economic cooperations. At least, if you can draw attention to the topic.

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @news_en

I think you should probably also fight the economic force of growth wherever you can.

I think that is also one core reason why the "deutsche bank" is successful. It is profitable to violate human rights and destroy the environment and the climate.

That means, if you can change your country that local companies are interested in respecting human rights, the environment, the climate and animal rights - then those companies will also influence the global market.


Hey :) i invite you to share your perspective on
@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo 's question. Yours is probably different from mine here but interesting to read in this context.



@hambibleibt @aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @news_en

To explain what i mean with:

The population of democracies usually like human rights.

I think one of the core reasons the population of current democracies still violate human rights in one way or another is that most people don't understand the coherences. I think people don't know much about their colonial history or what the economy in germany has to do with the climate crisis.

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