Who is to blame for global warming?

There is a staggering imbalance: the ecological guilt of a world minority - the Global North - is immeasurably greater than the guilt of the Global South with its low emissions.

At the same time, however, the people most affected by the impacts of the climate crisis, such as water scarcity, food insecurity, drought, floods, pollution, extreme storms and displacement, live in the Global South.

The debt of countries in the Global South is also significantly related to the damage caused by the and their exploitation. Therefore, the debts on the IMF and World Bank balance sheets are pure lies that perpetuate colonialism.


Inequality is also reflected in the debt trap that many poor people in the Global North are stuck in. Many people in high emitting countries are not in the richest 10% of the world's population, who disproportionately fuel the planet.

stands in solidarity with all people affected by poverty and precarious working conditions.

Let's come together to lay the foundations for a world built on climate and social justice for all.


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