Countries with high emissions are also responsible for centuries of exploitation and colonisation of the rest of the world. The campaign therefore demands that rich countries of the Global North pay their climate debt.

We explain how works!

We are building a decentralised revolution from below, starting from the Global South.

Workers', social & environmental movements on the frontline of climate catastrophe are flanked by groups from the Global North. with

The international debt trap is an ideal intersection to bring all struggles together!

Rich or poor, we will mobilise en masse until the current "debt" is cancelled and the real debt is paid.

This obscene summit at a decadent castle to debate how the richest countries can continue to squeeze resources out of the Global South is perfect start for global mobilisation:

Climate Strikes: 24 June
action days: 26-28 June.

But will only be the beginning of the global campaign.
After that, the growing of connections between groups & organisations continues:
Unions will become environmental activists, climate strikers will become protest groups for globally fair financial policies

The need for debt cancellation has the potential to politicise many people and create mass protests against repayments - and not only in individual countries.

Already thousands of people are taking to the streets in Sri Lanka and Argentina.

More than 50 organisations from 29 countries are coming together for the days of action on 26-28 June and the alliance continues to grow rapidly.

We will be at every IMF meeting, every World Bank conference and especially at the and make our message heard!

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