blocks entrance of EU Commission in

40 activists of XR Europe are blocking the entrance to the Berlaymont building of the 10 activists are superglued to the entrance doors.

We demand an ecocide law!

The main entrance to a central building of the EU Commission is inaccessible. The Belgian police are on site.

"Corporations and lobbyists must be named, held accountable and prosecuted for their actions," said Aktis



Ecocide must be included as a 5th international crime on the Rome Statute of the Internat. Criminal Court

The new proposal by EU Justice Commiss. and EU Environment Commiss. includes a list of environmental crime offenses, but ecocide is not included.

The peaceful action of civil disobedience comes just days before EU leaders meet in Brussels. The European Parliament has repeatedly expressed support for an law.


Ecocide is a criminal offence and the perpetrators must go to prison. Today is a historic opportunity for the recognition of the crime of ecocide at the EU level.

Video statement by A recent report by the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) warns that various planetary boundaries have already been crossed and that the world is moving "towards a global collapse scenario."

Statement by a rebel ⬇️ In the meantime, 20 people were arrested by the police and their personal details taken.
All of them are now free again. This pan-European action is over, but it has led to new contacts and cooperation.

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