Citizens' Assembly on foreign policy with astonishing results!

❗️Sustainability in the german constitution
❗️Prioritize climate protection, even if economic targets are missed
❗️Move subsidies
❗️Reduce meat consumption
❗️Establish citizens forums


➡️ These are some of the recommendations from the Sustainable Development Group at the Citizens' Assembly. It's clear, citizens want consistency to avoid emissions and protect the environment. This is a mainstream issue and needs to be considered everywhere & by everyone!



Also in the field of human rights/displacement the citizens have taken progressive and far-reaching votes. 💚

This democratic forum works perfectly and represents the will of the population - with balanced information and respectful exchange!


➡️ Results of the Citizens' Assembly:
Dear journalists, 🔼 you'll get your story!

What is still in the way of a german Citizens' Assembly for & against ecological collaps?
The topic shaped the entire : It's time!

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