Climate tipping points 

Research on the rate of CO2 capture by 300k trees over 30 years suggests that tropical are nearing the point where they will stop being carbon sinks, and start emitting carbon instead.

According to the scientists involved, "the analyses indicate that this shift will take place within ten years."

While these depictions of "Monsters of the " came from the artist's imagination, the things they represent are chillingly real. How can we win?

In the face of the and ongoing extistential threats, we are not yet lost. We can still learn to build a better future, to reconnect with the natural world all around us.

At least that is the hope of writers Emily Horn and Zac Thompson, whose comic "No One's Rose" tells the story of a young bio-engineer struggling to save a green Utopia in a post-Anthropocene world.

In his short film 'The Turning Point', Steve Cutts explores and the from a different perspective - humans and other animals switch sides.

There are a lot of details in this short animation. I had to watch it several times to discover most of them, painful as it is.

To nobody's surprise, featured a plethora of talks and sessions related to the , , , , , , , , and , among others.

I've compiled a (hopefully complete) list of those. Please let me know if something is missing.
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Meanwhile, is still on fire, with no end in sight. Prime minister Scott , who spent the majority of the crisis on vacation in , has returned - and still refuses to take action against the climate crisis.

This. This is why we must rebel.

took over the main plenary stage at today, chanting “You can’t drink oil, keep it in the soil!” and “Respect indigenous rights, so we can win this fight!”

"With young climate activists taking to the streets of Madrid on Friday, the U.N. climate chief and a leading scientist warned of a growing risk of social unrest as the effects of a warming world worsen inequality and poverty worldwide."

Turns out if gouvernments fail to tackle the , angry people will get even angrier.

Reminder: knew.

This is a screenshot from a document presented at by the American Petroleum Institute AQ-9 Task Force meeting on February 9th 1980. Follow the link below to read the whole thing.

These people need to be held accountable for outright lying about their findings. Now.

Time is running out fast: According to an article by climate scientists published in the journal , no less than nine climate tipping points are already active.

Even more alarming: the world's remaining emissions budget (with an estimated 50% chance to stay within 1.5 °C) could already have been fully consumed.

On Wednesday, medical journal The Lancet published a report on the effect of the climate crisis on global health. Suffice to say that the prospects are dire:

"Without immediate action from all countries to cut greenhouse gas emissions, gains in well-being and life expectancy will be compromised."

Digitalisierung und Klimafreundlichkeit müssen sich nicht zwangsweise widersprechen, meint Elisa Lindinger in diesem Artikel:

Hat das Modell freier Softwareentwicklung als Gegenströmung zum Überwachungskapitalismus von Google, Amazon, Facebook & Co. Potential, bei der Abwendung und Mitigation der Klimakrise zu helfen?

Eine kleine Erinnerung: Heute offenes Treffen der ExtinctionRebellion OG in Bochum. Treffpunkt: BIOKU an der Herner Str, Treffzeit ab 18 Uhr.