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**Headlines for August 10, 2020**

"Lebanon Unrest Mounting as Death Toll from Catastrophic Port Blast Tops 200, Trump Signs Executive Orders After Coronavirus Bill Stalls, Dems Say They Are Unconstitutional , U.S. COVID-19 Cases Top 5 Million, with More Evidence of Infections in Children and Teens, Coronavirus Surging Across India, Brazil as Europe and Cuba Reimpose Containment Measures, Hong Kong Arrests M…"


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"The desert is advancing on us.

"It rains once in July and then it stops for a month, so families often lose their crops. 

“We became so poor that my husband had to emigrate to Gabon and my son to France."

Fama Sarr, Sinthiou Diam Dior village, Senegal


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**Headlines for August 7, 2020**

"Study Predicts U.S. Coronavirus Deaths Could Top 300,000 by December, Georgia High Schoolers Suspended for Sharing Images of Unmasked Students in Crowded Halls, India's COVID-19 Cases Top 2 Million as WHO Warns of Worsening Outbreaks in Africa, Peru's Health System in Collapse as COVID-19 Death Toll Reaches 20,000, Congressional Talks on New Coronavirus Stimulus on Brink of…"


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♻ RT @AlleDoerfer@twitter.com:

In Germany, coal corporation RWE is set to destroy our villages in order to burn the 600 million t of lignite underneath. They want to displace us and trash the climate.
Please share the video & join our struggle for #ClimateJustice and that #AllVillagesRemain! 🌏🏡✊

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♻ RT @meteofrance@twitter.com:


▶️ Voici les #températures maximales attendues pour les journées de vendredi et samedi.

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Wachstum, Wachstum Wachstum!!
Wir legen uns jetzt mal fest und besser als dieses Video und vor allem die Recherche/Aktion dahinter wird der Tag nicht mehr.
Danke! @Peng
Ein Must See für alle die darüber nachdenken wie es mit diesem Land weitergehen soll

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**Migrant rescue charities call on Italy to release impounded ships**

"Sea-Eye, Sea-Watch and SOS Mediterranee say ships were seized on 'spurious grounds' to prevent migrants from landing."


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**Headlines for August 4, 2020**

"Concerns Mount over Politicization of COVID-19 Vaccine, as Trump Lashes Out at "Pathetic" Dr. Birx, WHO Warns There May Never Be a Coronavirus "Silver Bullet", Trump Threatens to Sue Nevada After It Expands Voter Access, Leaked Video Shows George Floyd Pleaded for His Life, Cooperated with Police, Before He Was Killed, Video Shows LAPD Shot Peaceful Protester in the Head as…"


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**Headlines for August 3, 2020**

"White House's Dr. Birx Warns U.S. Has Entered New Phase in Pandemic as Death Toll Tops 155,000, Lawmakers at Standstill over Coronavirus Bill as Democratic Rep. Grijalva Goes After GOP Response, Worldwide Cases Top 18 Million as Countries Across the Globe Hit Grim New Milestones, Border Patrol Raid Arizona Humanitarian Camp for 2nd Time in 2 Days, Detain 30 Asylum Seekers, …"


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♻ RT @FightInequality@twitter.com:

📢📢📢R U READY?📢📢📢

If you are an activist fighting inequality, THIS IS THE (ONLINE) SPACE TO BE.

Don't miss the chance to listen and talk to our speakers on our first session tomorrow. Register NOW‼️

fightinequality.org/globalgath / #fightinequality

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