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Really excited about Project 3.5; what a great introductory video! :)

Now to find out what's happening in Gloucestershire around this!

"At Lloyd’s of London, specialist underwriters and insurance companies, grouped together as syndicates, operate globally, insuring around 40% of the global energy market. A very large part of this is fossil fuels. Lloyd’s is a central part of the wider London insurance market, writing more than half of its total premium. The London Market Group reported that, in 2018, the combined London insurance market accounted for 55% of global energy sector insurance premiums."



Stand with those imprisoned. Stand in resistance. Join the demonstration.

⏰ WHEN: 12.00PM on Saturday 14th May

⚠️️ WHERE: Royal Courts of Justice

All welcome.

"... The government recently published its energy security strategy. However, rather than focusing on home insulation, energy efficiency and onshore wind as most experts suggest, the strategy promotes the expansion of oil and gas production... And as a self-proclaimed leader in global climate action, the UK’s doubling down on fossil fuels also sends a dangerous message to the rest of the world..."

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Property Will Cost Us the Earth
Direct Action and the Future of the Global Climate Movement by Verso Books Edited by Jessie Kindig Introduction by Andreas Malm (free download)

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The background database schema migrations are ongoing and continue without error. Still no estimate as to completion however.

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On the simple life, in recent times:

Reminds me of visiting cousins, back in Newfoundland, where I grew up.

Lockboxes; a guide:

"Lockdowns can be used to stop movement into and out of an area, providing a spectacle perfect for attracting media or other attention. They can stall traffic to allow support teams to hold [rallies], and distribute leaflets to or otherwise engage drivers stuck in traffic... Lockdowns... are descended from a long heritage of non-violent civil disobedience that many civilians find less threatening than other brands of direct action..."

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BlackRock does not pursue divestment from oil and gas companies as a policy.

M’h’m, greaaat. /s

Larry Fink's Annual 2022 Letter to CEOs:
"... We focus on sustainability not because we're environmentalists, but because we are capitalists and fiduciaries to our clients... BlackRock does not pursue divestment from oil and gas companies as a policy. We do have some clients who choose to divest their assets while other clients reject that approach..."


Almost a decade on now, but Robert Newman's History of Oil still has so much to teach us:

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Andrew Fanning: "Every nation must transform in order to return to within planetary boundaries. Countries are tending to transgress planetary boundaries before they start achieving social thresholds. Costa Rica stands out, but is still falling short."
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Planning your evenings for this week? How about this for Wednesday, 19.30 GMT: @…

Banning cars sounds extreme, but I think there are some sound arguments here:

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