Have you forgotten the scorching temperatures, fires, deaths of nearly two weeks ago?

Summer 2022 is going to be one of the hottest on record. We know this is not by chance and that more records will be broken in the near future.

A fellow IPCC scientist said: "when it comes to these kinds of heat extremes, the only solution is that the high emitting countries stop emissions immediately and stop burning fossil fuels"

That's only another stark reminder of what is awaiting us if we don't shut the oil tap.

Breakdown is already here. People are dying and losing their homes because of droughts and floods. Events that affect all countries now.

We are still stuck in governmental inaction. Why?
It all boils down to the infamous lobbying by fossil fuel corporations that eventually hold our elected representatives in their hands.
Big Oil brought in $46 billion total earnings. Did you know?

The cost of oil skyrockets and BP triples their profit while the war in Ukraine continues and normal people struggle to pay their energy bills.

We understand why people would rebel. Do you?

They are making a mockery of us and we let them.

Rest assured they are "baking" a plan. But it is not what they are selling you.

If you spare some billions please donate to SR:

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