Over 1,000 scientists in over 25 countries worldwide took disruptive, non-violent actions and engaged in civil disobedience targeting governmental, scientific and corporate institutions to highlight the urgency and injustice of the climate and ecological crisis. 1/

In Madrid, Spain, 53 of the roughly 100 scientists were arrested after throwing fake blood on the facade of the National Congress in Spain. 2/

In Copenhagen, Denmark, the street in front of the Climate Ministry was blocked by 40 people, half of them scientists, holding posters of scientific papers and reading the IPCC report. 3/

In The Hague, Netherlands, over 50 scientists took part in a march giving speeches, calling for emergency action. Scientists blocked an entrance to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and read from the IPCC report; 7 were arrested. 4/

In Berlin, 14 Scientists chained and glued themselves to the street blocking the Kronprinzenbrücke bridge for 4 hours in the centre of Berlin. 5/

In Bern, Switzerland, 18 Scientists marched to the capital Bern to paste parts of the IPCC report and other climate science on the walls of the Federal Palace, and were stopped immediately by the police. The scientific community cannot let science be ignored anymore! 6/

In Italy, the premises of @eni were occupied for 10 hours, with over 10 scientists locked-on. The activists demanded a public meeting with ENI CEO on ENI decarbonisation strategy. At the end of the day, the meeting was denied. They left, but the campaign will carry on. 7/

In Quito, Ecuador, a group of young scientists demanded that the Ministry of Environment stop expanding oil exploitation. 8/

in Sierra Leone, an teach-in event with several stakeholders generated engagement and calls for climate action to policy makers. 9/

In Washington DC, USA, scientists chained themselves to the White House to demand action on the climate crisis from @POTUS and politicians. 10/

In Los Angeles, USA, scientists occupied the entrance of a Chase Bank. Cops shut down access to the building, with dozens deployed to arrest the scientists who locked themselves to the bank, including @ClimateHuman. 11/

This disproportionate show of force is a disgusting response to scientists fighting for a livable future. But from LA to Madrid, governments and the cops that serve them continue to arrest protestors instead of making the changes we need to survive. end/
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Are you all seeing LAPD’s response to a few climate scientists chained to a door? There’s about 10 for each protestor.

LAPD is …

In Abeokuta, Ogun Province, Nigeria, 300+ university students & lecturers joined a climate march and participated in education advocacy lecture on climate emergency led by @Toyinclimate . 13 (restarted)/

Scientist Rebellion also in action in the Democratic Republic of Congo. A conference on the climate and ecological crisis was held at the University of Kinshasa,with 200+ people attending. High-level talks with conservation agency and demonstrations took place in Goma. 14/

78y/o Dr. Martin Wolterding-formerly marine ecology professor-was our hero in Australia.He was arrested twice for roadblocks with @fireproofaus activists in Sydney.Rebels also active in Victoria & West Australia (paper pastings)+South Australia (teach-in).
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Dr. Martin Wolterding has been arrested taking direct action on the City West Link in Sydney. He taught biology+marine ecology for over 4 decades as a pro…

In Bogotá, Colombia, several teach-ins livestreamed on internet were held,talking about decolonization of climate activism,climate debt, and how the climate crisis impacts societies under extractivism, colonialism and violence. With @limoros, @ana16_jaramillo @clasealacalle 16/

In Mexico, rebel scientists pasted papers to the walls and doors of the Science and Technology Research and Application Centre at the autonomous university of San Luis Potosí. 17/


In Argentina, rebel scientists went out universities in 5 cities to paste posters and raise awareness (Buenos Aires,Mar del Plata,Misiones,Córdoba,Rosario) and run a teach-in on the climate crisis, renewable energies & agroecology at Buenos Aires University. 18/

In Sweden,11 scientists occupied entrance @lunduniversity to give a teach-in on Climate & Ecological Emergency-in spite of uni officials asking for dislodgement.A demonstration was held in Stockholm @socialdemokrat party premises to denounce "Climate crime in progress" 19/

Meanwhile, in snowy Trondheim,Norway, great turnout by students & professors in university strike. There were touching personal testimonies and address by @ProfStromman in representation of the . 20/

In Portugual,about 10 rebel scientists took non-violent direct action to demand climate action in front of the Environment Ministry in Lisbon. 21/

In Uganda, over 90 people turned up to block roads in Kyambogo and Makerere University events.
More than 80 papers were pasted all over the campuses.
3 people were arrested and later released. 22/

In Panama,press conferences with national media were held; 10 scientists then protested at US,UK,CAN,GER embassies calling for emissions reduction+payments to global South+climate emergency declaration.Request to national govt:climate education,stop deforestation+mining. 24/

The day after, 15 scientists+20 supporters protested near a bridge,calling for immediate climate action. A local artist recited oath to Panamanian land for 500 times (as first settlement in the area,later destroyed by Henry Morgan,was established 500 years ago). 25/

In Zimbabwe,after university failed to approve protest on campus, 23 scientists took the campaign to the wetlands where government lets people mine sand & illegally settle. We gave awareness talks about wetlands essential role in carbon capture. 26/

Action in Zimbabwe then moved to cement manufacturing company HQ to alert them on danger from their activity. We then marched through the streets to create awareness on the need for climate action. 2 of us were detained by the police and later released. 27/

In Rwanda,we held teach-ins @ ACJ Institution, Muhanga City about basic climate science,@IPCC report,suffering & injustice of climate emergency.Youth shared real-life stories of climate change effects in their communities.We discussed how to be active in the climate rebellion. 28/

In Paris,France,we occupied @Le_Museum@twitter.com with @xrfrance and held mammoth 4hr+ session of talks on the science of the climate crisis and its impacts on our existence. Whole session can be watched 👉

In the run-up to the action in Paris there were strikes, occupations,demonstrations, and teach-ins in Nice, Université Côte d'Azur, and at the marine biology station in Roscoff. 30/

In Malawi,50 Scientists participated in a protest at Lilongwe. A strongly-worded letter was delivered to Malawi's President on need to use science to tackle the climate crisis. We also held teach-ins at Lilongwe University,demanding funding from Global North for adaptation.31/

In Tanzania,we held a climate breakdown capacity building event, as well as showing work of . There was a demonstration with more than 15 scientists showing climate action messages. We also held a teach-in at the university of Dar Es Salaam. 32/

In Chile, Rodrigo Avaria, Informatics Professor at the Science Faculty of Valparaiso University, carried out an action of educational disobedience. He showed his students a Scientist Rebellion video on the climate crisis rather than giving the scheduled lecture. 🙌 33/

And finally, in Israel, Max Kresch, biology student at Hebrew university in Jerusalem, recruited fellow scientists on campus to join the Scientist Rebellion and alert people that we're destroying our planet's ability to sustain life as we know it. 34/

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